But how will I recreate the feeling of being done with a research paper once I never have to go to school again? Oh yeah, I guess I’ll just always be done with research papers all the time.

  1. flamelikeme said: It’s a permanent kind of relief-joy.
  2. nickschug said: That’s deep.
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My name is Ani, I am a teacher and sometimes a person who writes and I'm trying to make, like, mumblecore documentaries that have enough substance to overpower the DIY vi(be).   Last summer, I published a book of stories and poems and other short things: https://www.createspace.com/4396429 Here is a website I created for teachers and parents of children with special needs: Viapangea.orgTwitter.com/NimblewillTwitter.com/Ani_EastonInstagram: NimblewillAnionitsown@gmail.com

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